The Purpose of The Erhard Jensen Ontological / Phenomenological Initiative is to:

Stimulate and support research into the development and application of the ontological / phenomenological laws of human nature and human behavior to the lives of individuals and human entities to reliably and significantly elevate human performance and quality of life. This includes all areas of living across the entire spectrum of human activity, for example:

  • Individuals, families and groups
  • Public and private organizations such as partnerships, corporations, non-profit and educational entities
  • Public agencies and governmental entities
  • Bring the ontological / phenomenological model and methodology utilized in this leadership course to education — including research, course development, and teaching.

Stimulate and support research into the study and teaching of the ontological /phenomenological laws of human nature and human behavior, and the impact of these laws on life, living, and self.

Provide ready access to all of the material we develop, as well as provide support and training for those educators who wish to utilize the ontological model and phenomenological methodology in their research, course development, and teaching. (This includes training of faculty in mastering and teaching the “Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership” course in universities.)

Support for educational institutions to enable the teaching and integration of the curriculum and its core principles in their institutions.

Provide funding for the Initiative’s administrative and research staff and facilities required to provide all of the foregoing, including travel expenses (e.g. transportation, accommodations, meals, and support personnel) and support (e.g. fellowships or research grants) for events related to the development and presentation of the material.

Note: Funding does not include any compensation for the authors of this material, other than the reimbursement of direct expenses related to the development of presentation of the material.