“The fundamental and enduring commitment of The Erhard-Jensen Initiative is to ensure that the methodology and content  of the ontological / phenomenological laws of human nature and human behavior be widely available in academic institutions throughout the world.”
– Dr. Michael Jensen

How your contributions support the Initiative

The Initiative was established to support the use of the ontological model and the  phenomenological methodology utilized in the course “Being A Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership: An Ontological / Phenomenological Model” in institutions of higher education — including scholarly research, course development, and funding and training of faculty.

Erhard, Jensen and colleagues work pro bono in the development and delivery of the Leadership programs. They receive no financial compensation other than the reimbursement of direct expenses when traveling to deliver the various programs (travel, meals and lodging).

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The American Friends of The Erhard-Jensen Ontological / Phenomenological Initiative

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